Writer Biography: Greyson Clark


Greyson Clark, Staff Writer

A cup of tea with music is a wonderful thing. Greyson is a senior from an Atlanta suburb of commuters, majoring in History, International Affairs, and French. In Fall 2013, he completed an honors senior thesis studying the historical power dynamics of Georgia’s poultry industry in the mid-twentieth century. Aside from the academic, Greyson enjoys watching movies, biking, reading, and making impractically ambitious plans to travel around the world. As for the future, Greyson plans to work in a field that will allow him to creatively engage with problems, hopefully pursuing projects that have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Articles by Greyson 

Where are the Democrats? (November 15, 2013)

Our Little Corner of the World (August 16, 2013)

Pi Sigma Alpha Essay Contest Second Place: Individual vs. The Citizen (June 5, 2013)

A Solar-Powered Georgia Scorcher, Version 2.0 (June 4, 2013)

It’s Black and White Or Let’s Not Mention It (April 30, 2013)

A Tale of Two Tickets (March 28, 2013)

Southern Pride and Ethics (February 15, 2013)

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