Writer Biography: Chris Lewitzke

Chris Lewitzcke Photo

Chris Lewitzke, Assistant Senior Editor

Chris Lewitzke is a junior studying marketing and public relations at UGA. A native of Grayslake, Ill., he has begun to adapt to the Georgia lifestyle (although he still doesn’t understand the popularity of grits). Lewitzke’s main interests lie in the cross-section of sports, business, and media and he hopes to pursue a career researching the financial impact of sports teams and athletes. He has very much enjoyed interning at the UGA Athletic Association and US Tennis Association since he started at UGA. In February, Lewitzke plans to spend a year in São Paulo immersing himself in Brazilian culture by studying at a university and interning with a Brazilian company. His other interests include being frequently disappointed by Chicago sports teams (Go Cubs?) and his weekly dose of his favorite TV show Suits.

Articles by Chris

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