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Over the Hill: Congressional Democrats Face Age Problem

By Alex Soderstrom If the past three presidential elections have been any indication, the Democratic Party is the party of the young. Barack Obama buried his opponents in the competition for the under-30 vote in both 2008 and 2012, and Hillary Clinton captured the vote of 55 percent of that same demographic in 2016. According…

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What Does the Speaker Race Mean For Foreign Policy?

By Swapnil Agrawal Finally, a reason international affairs junkies should care about domestic politics. As the national stage is dominated by Republican candidates lambasting each other over drone strikes and Syria, a smaller election within the Republican Party is well underway. On October 29, the House is expected to vote to replace sitting Speaker John…

The Entrenchment of the US Electorate

By Zachary Bernknopf This summer was another busy one for Fox News, and MSNBC. Fox News attracted an average of nearly 1.8 million viewers during primetime, and MSNBC nearly 600,000 on average. The continuing appeal of partisan cable news networks has been a key factor in the growing polarization and partisanship of America’s electorate and elected…


OPINION: Mitt, Take a Hike

By Rob Oldham I love Mitt Romney. And I’m not the only one. His stellar private business record, moderate conservative ideology, and that awkward, yet adorable, charm sold him to many Republicans across the country in 2012. What’s more, I think Mitt would have been a great President. He is smart and open to compromise. There…


Who’s On Deck for the GOP?

By: Russell Dye It is the year 2013. The United States has been a country for over 237 years. The Republican Party is now over 159 years old. It is one of the oldest and most contemporary parties in our nation’s storied history; however, at the moment it is at a crossroads. Who is the…

Rebranding the GOP

By: Nathan Williams In the political world, few things are finite. American politics are pervasively unpredictable, and as history consistently suggests, political victories – and failures – are usually only temporary. The only overwhelming certainty is the perpetual vice of change. The Republican Party is a prime example. Republicans have already begun to show signs…

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