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Roger Goodell and the Politicization of Sport

By Seamus Murrock “How has social media reacted since our relocation announcement?” asked the official Oakland Raiders Twitter account, just days after announcing the team would move to Las Vegas, linking the tweet to an article from their website. While many of the replies to the tweet are focused on vitriolic aphorisms concerning the N.F.L.’s…

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The Moral Dilemma of Football: Where do we go from here?

By Alexander Boylston Over the past few years, American football fans have suffered through the news of the deaths of various football players. These deceased range from high school players to recently retired NFL veterans. Some of them died naturally while others committed suicide or, as in the case of former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker…

Love, Hate, Religion, and Tim Tebow

By: Tucker Green So that’s how the Season of Tebow ended. Not with a bang but a long, deflating whimper. The Denver Broncos, whose surprising season was defined by the polarizing play and outspoken beliefs of quarterback Tim Tebow, were routed and silenced 45-7 by the New England Patriots Saturday night in the AFC Divisional…

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