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Heavy water reactor in Akar, Iran. Source: Wikipedia

Top 7 Reasons Iran Will Get a Bomb

The United States, Europe, and Iran have devoted several months this year to reaching a nuclear agreement. The United States wants an agreement that prevents Iran from building a nuclear weapon by increasing the time it takes Iran to acquire fissile material, reducing Iran’s stockpiles of uranium, reducing the number of Iran’s centrifuges, preventing Iran…


Iran’s Sexual Revolution

With nuclear negotiations between Iran and the United States at a possible turning point, quite a lot of attention has been focused on Iran in the past months. The regime, widely seen as radical, volatile, and irrationally militant, is trusted by few and liked by even fewer. The international community has been trying to remove…

People waving South Yemeni flags demanding independence.

North and South Yemen: The Marriage That Wasn’t Meant To Be?

In January of this year, a group of Shi’a rebels in Yemen referred to in the West as the “Houthis” marched into the Yemeni capital Sana’a, forcing the current president Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi to flee to the southern city of Aden and eventually leave the country altogether. These rebels were supposedly fighting to convince…

House Speaker John Boehner walks with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in 2011. (Source: AP)

OPINION: Bibi and the GOP Congress—A Dangerous Union

On March 3, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech to the U.S. Congress. Netanyahu accepted an invitation from Speaker of the House John Boehner, an unconventional request done without consultation of President Obama. The two heads of state did not meet while Netanyahu was visiting Washington D.C. Despite the White House’s disapproval, Netanyahu…

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Will Sanctioning Russia Work?

By William Robinson The Obama administration lauds the use of sanctions as a nonviolent method of correcting aggressive countries’ behaviors. Sanctions keep troops out of harm’s way and keep civilians out of the crossfire of combat. Given these significant virtues, sanctions should be the go-to solution for U.S. policy towards any aggressive country – that…

The Science of Sanctions

By: Max Wallace 4,486.  That’s the number of American soldiers who died while at war in Iraq.  At a cost of 10 years, $2 trillion and almost 4,500 American lives, a third of the “axis of evil” was devastated.  Now, if you ask an average citizen walking the streets of Pleasantville, USA, what the greatest…

How To Cripple An Economy In 3652 Days

By: Sarah Smith In opposition to the hushed tones discussing of Israel’s nuclear weapons program, or the uneasy dissertation of Pakistan’s shaky stability, the United States’ fear of a nuclear Iran remains paramount in our foreign policy concerns. The lone theocratic wolf of the Middle East, a nuclear Iran could succumb the region into the…

The Great Game- Syria Redux

Reporting from GPR’s Moroccan bureau, Andrew Jarnigan files an effortless and intelligent analysis of Syria in the Middle Eastern context.  By: Andrew Jarnigan Hopes for a smooth and bloodless conclusion to the Arab Spring have long since been buried in the streets and alleys of Syria, where deaths from the civil war have topped 100,000…

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