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Explaining Inequality in the Classic City

By Eli Watkins Athens, Georgia is an archetypal college town. It is home to a huge university and a vibrant art scene. Athens is a microcosm of Metro Atlanta with a unique, small-town, southern charm. It is also ranked as one of the most unequal towns in the country by income. Why is it that…

OPINION: Confessions of an SAT Tutor

By: Alex Edquist  My name is Alex Edquist, and I’m part of the problem. I’m part of the legion of expensive SAT tutors widely blamed for the achievement gap between low-income and high-income students. I’m cited as one of the reasons the College Board is changing the SAT. According to my fellow staff writer Eli…

The Unequal American Dream?

By: Victoria Barker How did America, the alleged home of the “American Dream” become the poster child of income inequality? A quick Google search of the term “income inequality” returns over 160,000,000 results in less than a quarter of a second. Rather than the first return being a Wikipedia page about the broad term “income…

Chile Education Picture

A Tale of Two Inequalities

By: Nick Eberhart Student riots have become a weekly scheduled activity in downtown Santiago, Chile, where I studied last semester. I became interested in the educational problems that existed in my host country after getting caught in the first riot of Aug. 2012, during which three TranSantiago metro buses were burned and several students were…

The New Meritocracy

By: Park MacDougald If you use social media, you have probably been exposed in recent days to a sometimes funny, more often depressing deluge of hysterical reactions to the reelection of one Barack Hussein Obama. If your newsfeed did not provide you with sufficient all-caps cries of socialism, obliviousness to spell-check, or thinly veiled racism,…

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