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Skinny Budget: Trump’s Proposal Makes the World Sick Again

By Joshua Kalter The oft-repeated “America First” mantra has been a rallying point of the Trump administration, one that includes promises like bringing jobs back from overseas, rebuilding a crumbling infrastructure, and increasing military spending. As the mid-March budget proposal release signifies, a 28 percent slash in the budgets of both the U.S. Agency for…

The “Right to Die” Revitalized

By: Andrew Peoples What would you do if you knew you were dying? More specifically, what if you knew that your death was going to be physically and emotionally painful, and that there was virtually no hope for recovery? It is a question that few care to consider. Most people hope that this is a…

The College Student’s Great Depression

By: Chenee Tracey Actor and comedian Robin Williams took his life on August 11, 2014 due to his prolonged battle with depression. His death sparked an unprecedented nationwide debate about the state of mental health within the United States. The National Alliance on Mental Illness published a survey in 2013 that found that about 25…


Calorie Counting: Does it Work?

By: Kathleen Wilson According to Section 4205 of the Affordable Care Act, restaurants with 20 or more locations must provide on their menus the number of calories in each menu item. These regulatory measures largely affect regional and national fast food chains that have many different locations. Furthermore, the number of calories must also be…

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