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What’s on the horizon for the hexagon?

By Sebastian Puerta While France has existed as the land separating channel and sea for millennia under various names: Gaul, Francia, France, and colloquially as “L’Hexagone” in reference to the country’s geographical shape, the French Fifth Republic itself is only 58 years old. The Fifth Republic was established in 1958 by French President Charles de Gaulle…

Refugees arrive on the shores of Kos, Greece. Source: The Independent

The European Far-Right: A Platform Rooted in Fear, Not Fact

By Paul Oshinski August 13, 2015: As the emerald waters off the coast of Kos, a small Greek Dodecanese Island, glimmered in the iridescent sunshine, a dirtied dinghy drifted to the sandy shore, holding in it dozens of refugees, most originating from Syria. Dirtied, tired, and inundated, the passengers leapt out of the vessel–some laughing,…

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Opinion: Why Britain won’t get what it wants

By Gabrielle Lohner Last month, British Prime Minister Theresa May delivered a firm laying out Britain’s plan to the widely-speculated Brexit. She explained her twelve-point plan to exit the European Union while also creating a stronger, “truly global Britain.” The speech was consistent with the idea of a “hard” Brexit, emphasizing the differences between the European…

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Germany and Spain: Two Sides of the Same Euro

By Christian Pedraza There’s trouble in the Eurozone – and that’s not a Europe-themed amusement park. A subset of the European Union (EU), the term refers to all of the countries within the EU that use the euro as their official currency. Since 2002, 19 of the 28 EU member nations have adopted the euro…

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