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Georgia Voters, It’s Time

By Kalvis Golde Local politics is never sexy. In Georgia, though, it has been dominating headlines. Two state bills, the “religious freedom” (HB 757) and “campus carry” (HB 859) laws, roiled the Georgia electorate in 2016. Worries about the presidential race evaporated in the face of momentous questions right here at home. Can a state…


The Trump Effect

By Shaun Kleber It’s All Fun and Games Until… Donald Trump has become the person who everyone loves to hate, but some genuinely love him, and it is that latter group that it is time we focus on. The former group—political pundits, journalists, and average Americans—has spent the early weeks and months of the Republican…

Paul Broun’s No-Holds-Barred Senate Campaign

By: Chris Neill Rep. Paul Broun’s status as the only candidate to have formally entered the 2014 Senate race came to an end with Rep. Phil Gingrey’s official announcement. But while others have spent time contemplating whether or not to put their names in the hat, Broun has hit the campaign trail hard. He gave…

Is Venezuela the New Cuba?

By: Marco Roca With the closing of the October 7 election, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez reveled in the news that he would be serving an unprecedented third term. However, not everyone in Venezuela shared in the joy of the re-elected commander-in-chief. Many believe that Venezuela is on the verge of a revolution, as the rich…

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