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Assessing the Impact of China’s One-Child Policy

By Gaby Lohner China announced at the end of October that they would be adjusting the country’s controversial one-child policy by allowing families to have two children. This policy, that limits the majority of Chinese people to having only one child, has created more than just criticism for the Chinese government; it has created lasting social…


What China Should Learn for the 2022 Olympics

By Christian Pedraza On July 31, 2015, by a narrow margin of 44 votes to 40, Beijing beat the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, winning the bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. Fresh off of the 2008 Summer Olympics, China is hitting the ground running to prepare for its next chance to showcase the capital city….


Xi Jinping’s Looming State Visit

By Bert Thompson State visits are normally a time for celebrating the relationship between the leaders of two countries. But when Chinese President Xi Jinping visits the United States in September, the atmosphere will be anything but that of celebration.  The U.S.-China relationship has evolved in the post-Cold War era, as China has gradually asserted…


The Arrival of a Second Hegemon

By: William Robinson Since the end of the 19th century, no nation has challenged U.S. supremacy over the Americas. The United States’ position as the hegemon of the Western Hemisphere was won with an expansionist policy. By conquering, purchasing, and annexing territories, the United States amassed the potential to become a hegemon, but it did…

Protesters gathered at Harcourt Road on Sept. 29, eventually leading to 89 arrests.

The Economic Tide Shifts Amid Protests in Hong Kong

By: Connor Quirk Over the past few months, the world has watched as Hong Kong experienced unprecedented civil unrest.  The protests, coordinated by student groups throughout the city, have one aim: to broaden the scope of the democratic process in coming elections.  Currently, Hong Kong operates under the “basic law,” a de facto constitution put…

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Why China Owns Our Debt

By: William Robinson China is the world’s largest owner of the U.S. government’s debt, holding $1.273 trillion worth of U.S. Treasury securities as of February 2014. As a result, many pundits, policymakers, and analysts fear that these holdings give China leverage over U.S. policymaking, as this 2010 commercial by Citizens Against Government Waste hyperbolically suggests….

The Lion on the Leash

By: Matt Oldham What would you buy with $75 billion dollars? It could go a long way—a new house, a couple Corvettes, maybe a yacht or two. Even after all of those purchases, there would still be enough money left over to do it 74 more times. China has found an alternate use for this…

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Prudent Cross-Strait Rapprochement

By: Ian Davis Although China and Taiwan are only separated by a shallow, 120-mile stretch of water, the two countries have yet to establish official diplomatic channels of communication. For 65 years, an absence of political dialogue has threatened to alter the regional status quo by challenging China’s hierarchical role at the top of regional…

One-Child Policy poster from 1986

Why the Easing of the One-Child Policy Doesn’t Matter

By: Eli Scott In 2011, the total trade volume between North Korea and China was $5.36 billion, but some researchers contest that one of North Korea’s main exports to China–brides–aren’t included in this figure. Such a quirk in the two countries’ trade balance is a result of the lasting effects of China’s former one-child policy….

Will midnight strike on China's Cinderella economy?

The Next Crash: China’s Uncertain Future

By: Max Wallace Last week, the Chinese government announced an impressive list of reforms and a major overhaul for one of the government’s most infamous policies.  China’s “One-Child” policy will be relaxed among concerns that a rapidly ageing population will cripple the nation’s economy.  This decision, among others, was reached during the Third Plenum, a gathering…

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