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Safe Harbor
Georgia's Big Opportunity

By Kalvis Golde This article originally appeared in the Spring 2016 edition of GPR Magazine. Georgia voters have a chance to make an enormous impact when they vote in November 2016, and it has nothing to do with choosing our next president. There is a state constitutional amendment up for ratification in November that could…

A Braves New World

By: Korey Boehm The Atlanta Braves shocked their native city last week when the team announced their intentions to leave Turner Field, their downtown home since 1997. When their 20-year lease expires after the 2016 season, they intend to move into a new stadium in the northern suburb of Cobb County, which team President John…

Breaking Atlanta’s Cycle of Obesity with Bikes

By: Nick Eberhart We all know the statistics about obesity: One-third of American adults are obese and medical costs for obese patients hover around $190 billion annually. Awareness of obesity has increased in recent years but it remains a persistent problem, with some experts estimating obesity rates as high as 60% in some states in…

What Does Georgia Want to be Known For?

By: Victoria Barker Over the past year, a global movement has risen to combat modern-day slavery, sparking a realization that slavery did not end 150 years ago with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. As this comes to light, people are beginning to examine the reasons why slavery is a larger industry today than at…

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