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Capitalism and the Limits of Love

By Melanie Kent and Carson Aft The scene is rural Kenya, in the rolling hills dotted with baobab trees, lush with vegetation and sprinkled with straw-thatched huts. In the distance are the shining metal rooftops of the border town where business intersects with the marginalized poor. Struggling areas of the world such as this one…


Demystifying Disease: The Etiology of an Epidemic

By Aashka Dave & Hammad Khalid In an ideal world, epidemics would never happen. Barring that impossibility, epidemics would be resolvable, and sources would be identified and contained, as was the case in London 160 years ago. Great Britain in the 1850s was a conflict-heavy nation. Indian citizens had started revolting against British colonial rule, which…


Africa: Heart of Darkness?

By: Melanie Kent Over a hundred years ago, Joseph Conrad wrote a novel about life as an ivory transporter down the Congo River in Central Africa. This novel, Heart of Darkness, perpetuates racist, imperialistic views of a barbarian Africa which high school and college students across America are quick to condemn. However, although many consider…

Kenyatta, as the son of the first president of an independent Kenya, grew up quite conscious of the colonial heritage and politics of his country.

Why Kenya’s President Is a Criminal and Popular

By: Melanie Kent It’s Dec. 27, 2007, and the largest cities of Kenya – the booming, ordinarily stable, and most developed country in East Africa – are eerily silent and seemingly empty. You can drive through and buy a newspaper from a lone man at the gas station showing the face of each candidate that…

Rwanda, 20 Years Later

By: Matthew Oldham   In the spring of 1994, the international community witnessed one of the most violent and horrific genocides ever orchestrated. In the tiny East African nation of Rwanda, ethnic conflict finally reached its dreadful crescendo in a 100-day massacre that resulted in the deaths of 800,000 men, women, and children. During the…

Uganda’s Crusade Against Homosexuality

By: Shornima KC “Homo Generals Plotted Kampala Terror Attack” claimed a headline in a Ugandan tabloid in November 2010. More recently, Red Pepper, another popular Ugandan tabloid, used “Exposed! Uganda’s Top 200 Homosexuals Named” as their headline. Only three years ago, David Kato, an LGBT rights activist, was brutally beaten to death after a similar…

The Lion on the Leash

By: Matt Oldham What would you buy with $75 billion dollars? It could go a long way—a new house, a couple Corvettes, maybe a yacht or two. Even after all of those purchases, there would still be enough money left over to do it 74 more times. China has found an alternate use for this…

The Uncovered Continent

By: Aashka Dave The continental United States, China, India, Japan, and the majority of Europe can comfortably fit inside Africa’s land mass. Approximately 1.033 billion people call Africa home, making it the second largest continental population on Earth. Yet, Western media coverage of Africa falls far behind the typical expectations for a continent of this…

Kenya dollars

African Poverty, Courtesy of the West

By: Kyle Hunter Despite the clear impact of internal corruption on African poverty, a Washington, D.C., non-government organization called Global Financial Integrity (GFI) argued in a May report that multinational corporations have an equally remarkable role. Lacking effective transparency requirements, these corporations annually siphon a trillion dollars from developing markets, 500 billion of which end…

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