Platinum- $200+

Mary Prior

Gold – $100+

Kavita Media, LLC

Silver – $50+

Richard Malone

Kathy Walker

Bronze – $10+

David Ammons

May Awad

Healing Circles, Inc.

Richard S. Cogar

Eizabeth Dagostino

Scott Dykstra

Faye Dresner

Stephanie Fariss

Raymond and Theresa Fontenault

Stan and Nancy Green

Tucker Green

Jessica Hunt

Taylor and Sheila Knapp

Paige Lee

Jessica Lowe

Terry Lowe

Uliana Mazza

Peter and Charlotte McNally

Gabriel Menendez

Carol Naughton

Shawn Posway

Jerome Sims

Mark Talmadge

Suzanne Talmadge

Kathy Walker

Jane White

Farhan Zarou

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