The Plight of the Adjunct Professor

By Emily Maloney Recent discussion surrounding the ethics of higher education has mainly concerned the wellbeing of students, such as the highly publicized instances of campus sexual assault and the debate over rising tuition rates. However, teachers are often disregarded when evaluating the practices of universities. Upon close inspection, one group is significantly undervalued and…


Unpaid and Unprotected

By Chris Lewitzke From the moment almost every college student sets foot on campus, he or she is inundated with a piece of advice repeated by professors, counselors and parents alike who are worried about the student’s future employability: “If you want a job after graduation, you’re going to have to find an internship in…

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Meeting Momentum UGA: A Conversation Moderated by GPR

By Anthony Farajallah With Student Government Association elections on Wednesday, the only executive ticket, Momentum, spoke to a small crowd in the Chapel about their motivations, aspirations, and platform for their upcoming term. The ticket includes President Johnelle Simpson, Vice President Houston Gaines, and Treasurer Darby Miller. Elections will be open online at from…


Explaining Inequality in the Classic City

By Eli Watkins Athens, Georgia is an archetypal college town. It is home to a huge university and a vibrant art scene. Athens is a microcosm of Metro Atlanta with a unique, small-town, southern charm. It is also ranked as one of the most unequal towns in the country by income. Why is it that…


Alcohol & Amnesty

By Max Wallace In 2010, the Princeton Review ranked the University of Georgia the No. 1 party school in the United States. Although the 2014 rankings saw UGA fall to No. 11, UGA students still know how to have a good time. This atmosphere makes for spectacular gamedays and weekend celebrations, but it can also lead…

UGA secured the victory by arguing drones help improve national security (photo by U.S. Air Force)

In Case You Missed It: UGA vs. Oxford Debate

By: Robert Galerstein On Oct. 8, many gathered on North Campus at the UGA Chapel to watch the debate teams from UGA and Oxford square off. This debate was the fifth in a series of similar events, where the UGA team challenged the Oxford Debate Society to a public debate in Athens. Prior to the…

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