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Seven Things We Learned About the State of the University

By Alex Edquist  “Welcome to the State of the Union,” was how it started. Unfortunately, it was not actually the State of the Union (Georgia Political Review’s budget isn’t quite enough to send writers to Washington to cover the real State of the Union). The law professor introducing UGA President Jere Morehead had meant to say “State of the University.” […]

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Apply to Georgia Political Review Today!

GPR is currently accepting applications for this spring. If you have any interest or expertise in writing, layout and design, marketing and advertising, or web programming, we would highly encourage you to apply. Applications are due by Sunday, January 18th at 11:59 PM. We hope to welcome many of you to our staff! If you have any questions or concerns, contact […]

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Pope Francis: The Environmental Pontiff

By: Aashka Dave In 2013, Pope Francis was named TIME’s Person of the Year for nothing short of bringing some personality back into the Vatican. Francis reinvigorated a religious institution in need of a breath of fresh air. In doing so, he gained the world’s attention. As TIME mentioned, “He makes masterly use of 21st century tools to perform his […]

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Apply for GPR!

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Rite of Passage: Make UGA’s Arch Accessible

By: Samantha Cleare As May quickly approaches, UGA’s senior class is coming closer and closer to walking under the famous arch they’ve carefully sidestepped for four years. There are few traditions more important to the University of Georgia’s student body than passing through the arch after graduation. But sadly, some students are excluded from this symbolic rite of passage. A […]

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The Millennial World

By: Patrick Wheat In light of the recent government shutdown, people are looking at Capitol Hill and shaking their heads in exasperation. Even with the government’s faults, a majority of the population agreed that the shutdown of the largest single employer in America was going to have a negative effect on the global economy. Despite this, shutdown dragged on for […]

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Who ‘No Child Left Behind’ Left Behind

By: Jackson Garner How do we bring poorer, under-achieving minority students to the same academic level of their wealthier, higher-achieving white classmates? Essentially, how can we as a country eliminate the achievement gap? Not until 2001 did the federal government try to address this educational elephant in the room with a vengeance. Many books have been published on the subject, […]

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Is Ron Paul Accomplishing Anything?

By: Alexander Sileo Ryan authored a great article last week regarding Ron Paul’s strategy emphasizing delegates at the GOP convention in a way that no other candidate in the Republican field is utilizing. Although I would not go as far as to call his supporters minions, it is easy to see that Ron Paul has an enthusiastic and loyal base […]

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Political Science is Failing: Why the Major is Ruining American Politics

By: Khalil Farah When I tell people my major is Political Science, most immediately assume I am planning for a career in government. In their defense, many of my peers are. The thought of my current generation of Political Science majors as the future of the American government, however, gives me nightmares. Lets begin by taking a look at the […]

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