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Europe Wages War on US Tech Giants

By: Allison Skinner The next threat to the so-called U.S. tech giants may come from an unexpected foe: Europe. While these companies are expanding the services they offer and continuing to earn enormous profits, European nations are becoming more and more disillusioned with what they see as their unfair business practices. U.S. tech giants such…

The Good, the Bad, and the Shady

By: Garrett Masters What we see isn’t all that is there. The Internet is an ocean of endless information, and most people are unaware of the illegal, billion dollar enterprise that exists below the surface. The surface Web, which everyone routinely uses, contains a mere 0.03 percent of the information that is available on the World…

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Can a New Technology Really Transform India?

By: Kathleen Wilson Approximately 1.27 billion people, comprising almost 17 percent of the world’s population, live in the Republic of India. The World Bank estimates that approximately 30 percent of India’s population falls below the poverty line of $1.25 per day; however, other economists project this poverty rate to be closer to 67 percent when…


The NSA’s War on the Internet

By: Gautam Narula In June 2013, The Guardian, a British newspaper, began reporting on documents leaked by Edward Snowden, a contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA). The documents highlighted the scale and magnitude of the NSA’s domestic and international surveillance efforts by revealing the existence of three new programs. The first, Planning Tool for…

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