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The GPR Midterm Senate Elections Guide

By: GPR Editorial Board Fall 2014 marks the onset of midterm elections, and the U.S. Senate is in for some major reshuffling. Here is the GPR guide to some elections that are worth watching: They’re contentious, they’re big, and they’ll have an impact on the Senate for the next seven years. Georgia: Michelle Nunn (Democrat) The daughter of former Sen. […]

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The Alchemists of Today

By: Garrett Masters Alchemists turned lead into gold, Jesus turned water into wine, and modern-day chemists turn an illegal drug enterprise into a legal moneymaking venture. The ancient tradition of alchemy has been passed down through generations to gain a better understanding of the molecular world that makes up our physical realities. Today, chemistry is used to alter substances for […]

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Words, Words, Words: Congress’ Dangerous Infatuation with Lengthy Legislation

By: Robert Oldham Think that your local congressman is a bit long winded in his campaign speeches? Try catching him at his day job where he and his colleagues are producing some of the longest and most complex legislation in U.S. history. Since 1948, the average number of pages in a bill has grown from two and a half to […]

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Five Cues Voters Will use on Their Ballots in the 2014 Midterms

By: Rob Oldham The 2014 midterm elections are nigh upon us. On November 4th, voters will reconsider their current representation in government. The partisan makeup of the government is a concern of political observers and it depends largely on how voters choose to fill out their ballots on Election Day. The Democrats currently control the Senate by a margin of […]

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We do not negotiate….for American Prisoners

By: Chenee Tracey When U.S. citizens travel abroad, few anticipate a misdemeanor or felony charge from a foreign country. Every year about 6,000 Americans are imprisoned abroad. Reasons range from spitting in public in Singapore, sleeping in a hotel room with the opposite gender in the United Arab Emirates, to being suspected of overthrowing the government in Cuba. Criminal prosecutions […]

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The Question of the Kansas Midterm Toss-Up

By: Jon Wilson Surprises in elections come, well, surprisingly. Those who follow politics are familiar with the phenomenon known as the October surprise, which is a possibly result-changing news story or election occurrence that can influence the outcome of an election because it comes so near the November elections. These surprises are effective for the opposition because the revelation of […]

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on September 19, 2014 at 2:31 PM / in National

“For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People:” US National Parks and Tourism

By: Robert Oldham Lines. Overcrowding. Trash. Sound like a typical family vacation to Disney World? Just add unsanitary restrooms and severely overpriced ice cream sandwiches and it might as well be a roller coaster theme park. Few would surmise that this is now a common description of US National Parks. Treasures such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Glacier have become targets […]

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Information and Ethics: Controversies Surrounding Prenatal Genetic Testing

By: Michael Land The Human Genome Project, funded by the government of the United States, was begun in 1990 and completed in 2003. A little more than a decade since, there are genetic tests for diseases as diverse as breast cancer and Huntington’s disease. As with any technological advancement, the law is often slow to keep pace with the rapidly changing […]

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OPINION: Regardless of Results, Expect the Midterm Elections to Be Lackluster

By: Eli Watkins Politicos are following this fall’s midterm elections with all the tenacity soccer fans gave the World Cup this summer. By many standards, these elections are particularly exciting. For one, they may be the most expensive midterm elections in U.S. history, with Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race alone projected to cost over $100 million. The races are also close […]

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OPINION: Cabbie Lobby’s Uber Anger Fair But Misguided

By: Garrett Herrin Last week, two big things happened in Athens, Georgia. Georgia beat Clemson 45-21 to kick off the college football season. And ridesharing service Uber launched to wild success, bringing to Athens what is already one of the most popular forms of transportation in major metropolitan areas like New York and Washington. First, a little bit about Uber. […]

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