Trans-Pacific Partnership: The Devil’s in the Details

It is sometimes half-jokingly suggested that the Republican Party will, on principle, oppose literally anything proposed by President Obama. In a strange turn of events, the Republicans have become the President’s strongest ally on an issue that stands among the most important of his second term: the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP is a proposed trade…


Trash Talk

Garbage and landfills are products of the modern man.  In North America, it is easy to kick garbage to the curb considering there is a $75 billion industry dedicated to dealing with American’s trash. Enormous conglomerates, such as Houston-based Waste Management or Norwell, Mass.-based Clean Harbors, control the market with locations and landfills throughout North…

Regulating medical marijuana

How A Blunt Becomes A Law

It appears the winds are shifting, and those winds just might be filled with smoke. The majority of the U.S. public is in favor of the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana for recreational use, and more states have moved to make marijuana accessible for medical and recreational purposes. Incidentally, one of the latest states to…

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The Truth About Modern Day Slavery

Slavery is thought of as a relic of the past, existing only among the yellowing pages of history books. This atrocity has been long over in the United States. Many assume that slavery just doesn’t happen anymore; that that part of human history is over. However, the difficult truth is that modern day slavery exists,…


A Broken System

The War on Drugs is failing, and the United States’ criminal justice system is suffering as a consequence. Laws are in place to deter criminals, but our criminal justice system has seen too many Americans go to too many prisons for far too long. Many of these prison sentences are for non-violent drug crimes, which…

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