Congressional districts in Georgia

The Most Conservative District East of the Mississippi

Q&A with GA-9th District Rep. Doug Collins By: Shalin Jyotishi As the heated Georgia gubernatorial and senatorial races rumble on, many democrats are hoping to see Georgia “turn blue.” Polls have revealed both campaigns to be toss ups. Hopeful liberal Georgians have cited demographic changes in Georgia as enhancing their chances of taking the governor’s…

A Physicist’s Take on Politics

An Interview with Georgia District 9 Candidate, David Vogel By: Shalin Jyotishi The Georgia primaries officially ended on May 20, and, subsequently, a series of intense runoff and general elections. Here in Athens, citizens finished their own highly contested mayoral debate. However, Athenians, like many Georgians, still have some decisions to make in November. Athens is…

Pictured: Zek Osibanjo, Megan Ernst, and Shivani Vakharia

SGA Elections: BridgeUGA

By: Mark Rush Polls opened on Oasis for SGA elections yesterday. There are two SGA Executive tickets running. I was able to speak to Zek Osibanjo, Megan Ernst, and Shivani Vakharia about BridgeUGA. Let’s start by introducing yourselves. Shivani: I’m a third-year International Affairs and Political Science major. I’m running for treasurer. My goal is…

Q&A with David Lee, UGA VP for Research

By: Shalin Jyotishi The University of Georgia has long been involved in academic research. The University’s administration, both former and current, emphasizes UGA’s role in the world’s “knowledge economy.” The days of Georgia Tech being regarded as the research powerhouse while UGA focuses on less grant-dependent fields such as law, education, social work and social…


Q&A with Andrew Dill, UGA Director of Federal Relations

By: Shalin Jyotishi From football fans reminiscing on the glory days of Vince Dooley, to ambitious high school students (and their parents) aiming for admittance into UGA’s honors program, the Georgia “brand” has a fairly strong foothold in the Southeast. However, as the university grows and its ambitions grow from encompassing not just state and…

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