$15 Transatlantic Travel: Too Good to be True

Every year thousands of Americans experience wanderlust, an overwhelming desire to travel, and take a journey “across the pond” to experience all that Europe has to offer. A transatlantic expedition, however, often comes with a hefty price tag. Last month RyanAir made dreams come true for American travelers when it announced it would be offering…

Gas prices have plummeted in recent months, but it may not be good news for consumers.

Drops of Oil

By Jack Keller The new year has brought new joy to filling up your car at the local gas station. On January 14th, Wall Street traded oil for $45.76 a barrel, which is a 55 percent slide since last July when the price per barrel was $100. The Energy Information Administration expects U.S. regular gasoline retail…

Berkeley, California is rethinking the approach to the obesity crisis with a tax on added sugar in beverages.

Sweet, Sweet Taxes

By: Austin McCandlish Ask the average person to name some of the most harmful addictive substances, and they will likely give a tally of illicit drugs: heroin, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, and the like. Ask a nutritionist, however, and they will probably give a different response: sugar. Indeed there are some scientists trying to classify the…


If It’s Broke, Don’t Fix It

By: Rob Oldham The United States is bankrupt. More than $17 trillion in national debt and a budget deficit that has ballooned by nearly $1 trillion in the past 45 years speaks to this. A leading cause of our fiscal ineptitude is a divided Congress’ inability to reign in entitlement spending, or mandatory payments due to…

Delta's revitalized fleet
Source: Flickr

Airlines: Flying Back to Profitability

By: Jesse Chan The airline industry has seen its share of tumultuous events: bankruptcies, high fuel prices, and labor issues, among other things. Think of a modern business challenge—chances are the airline industry has experienced it. Many have decried the industry as value-destroying. Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Atlantic Airways, remarked that “If you…

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