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A New Dawn in the Old Day of “Brooklyn”

By Tommy Desoutter “Brooklyn” is a feel-good movie and a classic American story. Directed by John Crowley and written by Nick Hornby, it tells the story of a young woman named Eilis Lacey (pronounced “A-lish”) who moves to Brooklyn in the early 1950s to escape a bleak Irish town and make a new life for…


Beauty and Brutality in Iñárritu’s “The Revenant”

By Austin McCandlish Last year, Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s critically lauded film about the nature of celebrity and art, cleverly dubbed “Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance),” earned four Oscars at the 87th Annual Academy Awards, including both Best Picture and Best Directing. This year, Iñárritu’s ode to the American frontier, “The Revenant,” has captured…


REVIEW – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

By Caskey Dyer (Spoiler warning: This review assumes you’ve already seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so if you’re waiting for a Netflix release and have avoided spoilers thus far – impossible as that sounds – then read no further!) Despite not yet having children, I still manage, in my infinite anxiety, to stress about…


REVIEW – Mad Max: Fury Road

By Rachael Andrews “Mad Max: Fury Road” wasn’t exactly the type of movie that people expected to be the most well-reviewed film of the year, much less a serious contender for this year’s Best Picture Academy Award. The original series, starring Mel Gibson, is a bit of a cult favorite that has arguably not aged very…


Fan (Courtroom) Duel

By Joseph Hendricks In 1979, Daniel Okrent unknowingly commenced a fantasy sports revolution with his invention of “rotisserie baseball.” Founded as a medium for self-proclaimed baseball “know-it-alls” to competitively test their convictions via head-to-head contests, rotisserie baseball has evolved into the fantasy sports industry which encompasses all major sports in season-long competitions. Daily fantasy sports…

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