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Fan (Courtroom) Duel

By Joseph Hendricks In 1979, Daniel Okrent unknowingly commenced a fantasy sports revolution with his invention of “rotisserie baseball.” Founded as a medium for self-proclaimed baseball “know-it-alls” to competitively test their convictions via head-to-head contests, rotisserie baseball has evolved into the fantasy sports industry which encompasses all major sports in season-long competitions. Daily fantasy sports…


Media and the Sikh Movement

By Prabhjot Minhas When most people think of minority movements, they may think of the movements trending around the world: racial inequality in America, or Islamaphobia across the West. It is also important, however, to recognize the plights of minorities and groups who do not have as much media attention, but are experiencing similar systems…

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The Plight of the Female Anti-Hero

By Rachael Andrews In this post-Tony Soprano, “Golden Age of Television,” anti-heroes on television are more popular now than ever before. However, what is increasingly noticeable with these so-called “anti-heroes,” – that is, characters who fit neither the traditional hero or villain roles – is that they are by and large, male characters. Anti-heroes are…


From Football Leagues to “League of Legends”

By Madison Bledsoe As fall football fervor sweeps America, a revolution in digital sports is drawing international attention. The world of e-sports, or online competitive gaming, has become an extremely lucrative industry within the last decade that may one day rival traditional, physical sports. E-sports have attained all the hallmarks of a professional sports organization:…

An Active Minds suicide prevention exhibit travels to campuses across the country. This exhibit features 1,100 backpacks representing the number of college students lost to suicide every year.

No Room for Judgment: The State of College Mental Health

The Active Minds suicide prevention exhibit shown above travels to campuses across the country. This exhibit features 1,100 backpacks representing the number of college students lost to suicide every year. By Melissa Florkowski One in five American adults suffer from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and addiction. These numbers are far beyond the point of dismissal:…


The John Oliver Effect

By Madison Bledsoe You may have heard John Oliver teach sex education to his audience; you may have seen the legendary interview in which Stephen Hawking dissed him; you also may have heard his name in reference to the net neutrality debate, a hot topic in politics last winter. Since 2014, John Oliver has skyrocketed…

The Pontiff is Coming to Philly

By Laura Pontari In the months leading up to September 22nd, the city of Philadelphia has been abuzz. Now, just two weeks shy, the city is in a state of mayhem, as they brace for “popenado,” as described by Philadelphia Magazine. Pope Francis, the Argentinian neo-liberal, uncharacteristically popular leader of the Catholic faith, has chosen…

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