Daily Archives: June 3, 2014

A Physicist’s Take on Politics

An Interview with Georgia District 9 Candidate, David Vogel By: Shalin Jyotishi The Georgia primaries officially ended on May 20, and, subsequently, a series of intense runoff and general elections. Here in Athens, citizens finished their own highly contested mayoral debate. However, Athenians, like many Georgians, still have some decisions to make in November. Athens is…

(Photo credit: The Globe and Mail)

Brazil: Love It, Leave It, or Change It

By: Chris Lewitzke Over the past 12 months, Brazil’s golden image of sunny beaches, beautiful people, and a prospering economy has faded away. Now, news stories mention Brazil in the context of protests, missed building deadlines, and slowed economic growth. For many Americans, these stories are their first exposure to the intricate and difficult problems that have faced…

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