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The Paralympics in a Country Without Wheelchair Access

By: Kathleen Wilson In November, Russia launched its squats for rides campaign at the Vystavochnaya subway station in western Moscow. In lieu of paying 30 rubles (92 cents) for a train ticket, willing participants could obtain a ticket by doing 30 squats in under two minutes. Special machines throughout the Vystavochnaya station monitored the form…


Q&A with Andrew Dill, UGA Director of Federal Relations

By: Shalin Jyotishi From football fans reminiscing on the glory days of Vince Dooley, to ambitious high school students (and their parents) aiming for admittance into UGA’s honors program, the Georgia “brand” has a fairly strong foothold in the Southeast. However, as the university grows and its ambitions grow from encompassing not just state and…

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