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Failed States: Tyrants or Terrorists?

The greatest problem facing the Middle East today is the prevalence of failed states. These states lack the capacity to govern, police, and protect the entirety of their territories and peoples. The result is civil conflict, widespread violence, and porous borders. Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign in Yemen, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant’s…

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Top 7 Reasons Iran Will Get a Bomb

The United States, Europe, and Iran have devoted several months this year to reaching a nuclear agreement. The United States wants an agreement that prevents Iran from building a nuclear weapon by increasing the time it takes Iran to acquire fissile material, reducing Iran’s stockpiles of uranium, reducing the number of Iran’s centrifuges, preventing Iran…


Trash Talk

Garbage and landfills are products of the modern man.  In North America, it is easy to kick garbage to the curb considering there is a $75 billion industry dedicated to dealing with American’s trash. Enormous conglomerates, such as Houston-based Waste Management or Norwell, Mass.-based Clean Harbors, control the market with locations and landfills throughout North…


Standardized Testing and the Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Trial

On April 1, educators from the Atlanta Public Schools were convicted of racketeering and various other crimes for cheating on standardized tests. Murmurs about corruption started well over a decade ago; journalistic reports led to state investigations which led to a blue ribbon commission specifically tasked with examining cheating at APS. The original indictment, handed…


Iran’s Sexual Revolution

With nuclear negotiations between Iran and the United States at a possible turning point, quite a lot of attention has been focused on Iran in the past months. The regime, widely seen as radical, volatile, and irrationally militant, is trusted by few and liked by even fewer. The international community has been trying to remove…

Residents of Baga gather to bury their deceased relatives after the Baga massacre.

Charlie Hebdo & Nigeria: How Boko Haram Continually Evades Terror Talk

2015 began with a resurgence of international terrorism. Within the first week of the year, the Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters were attacked by two gunmen, killing 12 employees. The attack was heavily discussed in the media and described by French President François Hollande as a “terrorist attack of the most extreme barbarity.” The international community…


What Mosque? White-washing Islamic History in Spain

European Muslims find themselves in the midst of an ideological crisis, none more so than Spanish Muslims. Since the end of World War II the European continent has been a bastion for freedom, democracy and human rights. Currently it is still rated as one of the most free continents by Freedom House, but times may…

People waving South Yemeni flags demanding independence.

North and South Yemen: The Marriage That Wasn’t Meant To Be?

In January of this year, a group of Shi’a rebels in Yemen referred to in the West as the “Houthis” marched into the Yemeni capital Sana’a, forcing the current president Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi to flee to the southern city of Aden and eventually leave the country altogether. These rebels were supposedly fighting to convince…

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