The Plight of the Adjunct Professor

By Emily Maloney Recent discussion surrounding the ethics of higher education has mainly concerned the wellbeing of students, such as the highly publicized instances of campus sexual assault and the debate over rising tuition rates. However, teachers are often disregarded when evaluating the practices of universities. Upon close inspection, one group is significantly undervalued and…


Something Is Missing in the Debate over Health Care

By Claire Brunner More than five years after President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, the debate over the merits and faults of the law persists. Despite Supreme Court rulings confirming the constitutionality of the law and countless GOP efforts to repeal the legislation in Congress, the prominence of the issue in national…

Pope Francis addresses Congress

In the Words of the Pope

By Prabhjot Minhas “Politics is…an expression of our compelling need to live as one, in order to build as one, the greatest common good.” A recurring theme of Pope Francis’ historic address to Congress on Thursday, September 24, was one of unity and the need for sustained dialogue in order to strive for the “greater…


The Trump Effect

By Shaun Kleber It’s All Fun and Games Until… Donald Trump has become the person who everyone loves to hate, but some genuinely love him, and it is that latter group that it is time we focus on. The former group—political pundits, journalists, and average Americans—has spent the early weeks and months of the Republican…


Killing the Messenger: A Look into Pakistan’s Dying Journalists

By: Faiz Ali Saulat Countries in Southwest Asia, particularly Pakistan, face extreme problems with corruption, domestic terror groups, a lack of general security within the public, and hostile environments for media coverage. Pakistan is facing a crisis whereby terrorist organizations are silencing the public voice and pressuring the national media to choose biased reporting over honest…


Rumor Roundup: Joe Biden

By Gaby Lohner Rumors are flying about Vice President Joe Biden’s potential 2016 presidential run. After months of speculation, it appears we might soon receive our final answer. Biden was most recently placed in the public eye after his son, Beau Biden, passed away in late May after a long fight with brain cancer. According…


The John Oliver Effect

By Madison Bledsoe You may have heard John Oliver teach sex education to his audience; you may have seen the legendary interview in which Stephen Hawking dissed him; you also may have heard his name in reference to the net neutrality debate, a hot topic in politics last winter. Since 2014, John Oliver has skyrocketed…


Unpaid and Unprotected

By Chris Lewitzke From the moment almost every college student sets foot on campus, he or she is inundated with a piece of advice repeated by professors, counselors and parents alike who are worried about the student’s future employability: “If you want a job after graduation, you’re going to have to find an internship in…

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