• A Tale of Two Terrorists

    A Tale of Two Terrorists

    By: Cait Felt The newfound terrorist group ISIL seems to be all that politicians and news anchors want to talk about lately, and the organization is indeed reasonably terrifying. From its strict and manipulated ideology to the swift rise in power the supposed-Caliph Abu Bakr Baghdadi has achieved. ISIL is certainly something that Americans should be concerned about and aware […]

  • Will Disney be making "Terrorists of the Middle East" in a few hundred years?

    Swashbucklers and Scallywags: A Closer Look at a Pirate’s Life

    By: Irina Plaks On Sept. 6, a ship full of Syrian, Palestinian, Egyptian, and Sudanese migrants left the port of Damietta in Egypt and set sail for Europe. A few days later, smugglers on a smaller ship demanded that 500 men, women, and children aboard switch to the smaller vessel. When the captain refused, the smugglers rammed their boat into […]

  • Protests subside, but Hong Kong’s Struggles Continue

    Protests subside, but Hong Kong’s Struggles Continue

    By: Andrew Peoples After three weeks of massive demonstrations in Hong Kong, student protests are finally running out of steam. The pro-democracy movement, coined at various points as the “Occupy Central” movement or the “Umbrella Revolution,” saw only about 10,000 protesters in the streets, far below the peak, yet still enough to trouble the Hong Kong government. The protesters in […]

  • UGA secured the victory by arguing drones help improve national security (photo by U.S. Air Force)

    In Case You Missed It: UGA vs. Oxford Debate

    By: Robert Galerstein On Oct. 8, many gathered on North Campus at the UGA Chapel to watch the debate teams from UGA and Oxford square off. This debate was the fifth in a series of similar events, where the UGA team challenged the Oxford Debate Society to a public debate in Athens. Prior to the event, the series was tied […]

  • Protesters gathered at Harcourt Road on Sept. 29, eventually leading to 89 arrests.

    The Economic Tide Shifts Amid Protests in Hong Kong

    By: Connor Quirk Over the past few months, the world has watched as Hong Kong experienced unprecedented civil unrest.  The protests, coordinated by student groups throughout the city, have one aim: to broaden the scope of the democratic process in coming elections.  Currently, Hong Kong operates under the “basic law,” a de facto constitution put in place during the handover […]

  • An Invitation for Male Feminists

    An Invitation for Male Feminists

    By: Samantha Cleare Feminism: the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. On Sept. 20, U.N. Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson introduced her campaign “HeForShe.” In her speech she stated, “my recent research has shown me that feminism has become an unpopular word. Women are choosing not to identify as feminists. Apparently, I’m […]

  • We do not negotiate….for American Prisoners

    We do not negotiate….for American Prisoners

    By: Chenee Tracey When U.S. citizens travel abroad, few anticipate a misdemeanor or felony charge from a foreign country. Every year about 6,000 Americans are imprisoned abroad. Reasons range from spitting in public in Singapore, sleeping in a hotel room with the opposite gender in the United Arab Emirates, to being suspected of overthrowing the government in Cuba. Criminal prosecutions […]

  • Unsettlers of Catalan: How the Scottish Independence Vote is Impacting Catalonia

    Unsettlers of Catalan: How the Scottish Independence Vote is Impacting Catalonia

    By: Eli Scott “Yesterday they chose between segregation and integration. Between isolation and being open. Between stability and uncertainty. And they chose the best option for everyone – for themselves and for Europe.” If one had to guess who said the quote above referring to the results of the failed referendum over Scottish independence on Sept. 18, a prudent guess […]

  • Infected Politics

    Infected Politics

    By: Cait Felt Ebola has been the feared name on the lips of newscasters for over a month now, and people around the world are living in fear that the dreaded disease will spread farther than the current five World Health Organization-confirmed African countries (Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Guinea, and Sierra Leone) and into their own homes. Anyone who has turned on […]

  • Jihadi John and the ISIS Beatles

    Jihadi John and the ISIS Beatles

    By: Bert Thompson Most of the world is familiar with the work of the Beatles: Abbey Road, The White Album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the list of famous albums goes on and on. The arguably most influential band of all time has had its name distorted in recent months, with it no longer applying to the Fab Four. […]