A Tale of Two Centuries

By Caitlin Rueden  The 21st of February this year marked the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Verdun, the longest battle in human history. This struggle between France and Germany is infamous for being the “epitome of the pointlessness and savagery of World War One.” Lasting roughly ten months, the battle led to nearly 1…


Why the Panama Papers Are a Huge Deal

By Gaby Lohner Earlier this month , the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists leaked information from a series of documents that have been dubbed the Panama Papers. These papers, exceeding more than 11 million documents, have created a ripple in the world of international finance. The name comes from the home of the documents, the…


The Fight for Fair Food

By Jennifer Watkins When shopping at our local grocery store or eating at our favorite fast food establishment, we usually don’t think about the worker who picked the fruit we are buying. If we do, we may assume that the farm workers picking our produce receive decently fair treatment. Many think that the fight for…

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What the Loss of Manufacturing Jobs Means for the U.S.

By Jeptha McNair We’ve heard a lot of angry rhetoric centered around trade recently from our presidential candidates. Donald Trump’s central argument for his movement is that “We don’t win anymore. We use political hacks [for trade deals]. All of the people give the worst deals.” Bernie Sanders, whose supporters say never to compare with…


The Inseparability of Politics and American Sports

By Alex Soderstrom It’s happening again.   Sports and politics are mixing in the United States, coalescing to form a dangerous concoction that undermines the role of the private citizen.   On March 14th, the federal government, which has consistently found ways to become involved in the realm of sports since Teddy Roosevelt instituted rules…


When Profit-Hungry Airlines Try to Achieve a Monopoly

By Vineet Raman The last decade of American commercial aviation has seen the advent of several foreign airlines, along with the expansion of existing services from foreign carriers in terms of frequency of flights and capacity. Several of these foreign carriers, mainly those based in Europe, have formed joint-venture and codeshare agreements with American airlines…

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