• Africa: Heart of Darkness?

    Africa: Heart of Darkness?

    By: Melanie Kent Over a hundred years ago, Joseph Conrad wrote a novel about life as an ivory transporter down the Congo River in Central Africa. This novel, Heart of Darkness, perpetuates racist, imperialistic views of a barbarian Africa which high school and college students across America are quick to condemn. However, although many consider themselves more educated and open-minded […]

  • The Obama Administration: A Post-Midterms Look

    The Obama Administration: A Post-Midterms Look

    By: Shaun Kleber At this time last year, 53 percent of Americans blamed Republicans for the federal government shutting down. Yet earlier this month, in what seems like an about-face, voters overwhelmingly supported them to run that same federal government. As Republican voters and politicians alike celebrate their victory, it is important to take this opportunity to reflect on what the […]

  • The Risk of Immigration Overhaul

    The Risk of Immigration Overhaul

    By: Cait Felt Many have been talking about President Obama’s new immigration initiative, which he announced last week in a live broadcast. This new set of laws, set to be implemented through executive action, had been subject to speculation all week as the nation awaited the President’s official announcement of the plan’s specifics. The President’s speech revealed that the plan […]

  • The Media and The Democrats

    The Media and The Democrats

    By: Tommy Desoutter, Guest Writer The mainstream media is right about one thing: the midterm elections were a big defeat for the Democratic Party. That said, it has misinterpreted essentially everything else about them. For starters, the election was certainly not a public rejection of progressive policies; the results of state referenda make this very clear. Oregon legalized marijuana, and […]

  • My Land is Your Land

    My Land is Your Land

    By: Samantha Cleare Thousands of undocumented children have entered the United States; thousands continue to cross the border, unaccompanied. Dealing with this conflict of politics and ethics, President Barack Obama tackles one of his final adversities in office. What caused this recent influx of escaping child refugees? A recent increase in gang and drug-related violence not in Mexico, but in Honduras, […]

  • The Arrival of a Second Hegemon

    The Arrival of a Second Hegemon

    By: William Robinson Since the end of the 19th century, no nation has challenged U.S. supremacy over the Americas. The United States’ position as the hegemon of the Western Hemisphere was won with an expansionist policy. By conquering, purchasing, and annexing territories, the United States amassed the potential to become a hegemon, but it did not truly earn the title […]

  • Wickedness in the Land of Righteousness: The Zionist Conundrum

    Wickedness in the Land of Righteousness: The Zionist Conundrum

    By: Alex Boylston When one thinks of the State of Israel, one of its many nicknames that comes to mind is “the Jewish state.” This makes sense as it was established through a series of handovers and UN legislation as a homeland for the Jewish people. These Jews had been in exile for nearly 3,000 years and many yearned for […]

  • The Haze of War: A review of David Ayers’ “Fury”

    The Haze of War: A review of David Ayers’ “Fury”

    By: Rob Oldham Many times, I walk out of a war film feeling patriotic, proud, and certain that American soldiers are bona fide badasses. Of course I feel this way because that is what a film is designed to do. Everything from the pulse thumping score to the smeared makeup on the actors’ faces is intended to generate emotional reactions […]

  • Who Said Congress Should Set Wages?

    Who Said Congress Should Set Wages?

    By: Austin McCandlish   The GOP won big this past election. Beginning January of next year, Republicans will control both houses of Congress, leaving many Democrats clinging to hopes of a 2016 comeback. But Republicans were not the only ones cheering after the polls closed on Tuesday night. Four states, all of them red, just passed ballot measures to increase […]

  • The Good, the Bad, and the Shady

    The Good, the Bad, and the Shady

    By: Garrett Masters What we see isn’t all that is there. The Internet is an ocean of endless information, and most people are unaware of the illegal, billion dollar enterprise that exists below the surface. The surface Web, which everyone routinely uses, contains a mere 0.03 percent of the information that is available on the World Wide Web. The other 99.97 […]