Fixing I-85 Won’t Fix Atlanta Traffic

By Alex Soderstrom Atlanta drivers listening to the radio on April 17 heard what could have been described as a near-apocalyptic scenario. Broadcasters fired through the list of traffic disasters occurring to major roadways around the city. I-20 westbound was completely shut down after the interstate buckled. A fatal accident on I-285 clogged up the…


Making Sense of the Trump Budget

By Vaibhav Kumar In late February, President Donald Trump released his budget plan for fiscal year 2018. This budget plan calls for historic increases in national defense and homeland security spending while cutting a multitude of non-defense-related programs such as environmental agencies, public broadcasting services, and foreign affairs departments. Because of these drastic increases in…

Members of the Islamic Defenders Front march against Ahok. Source:

A Governor, a Quranic Verse, and the Fight for Indonesia’s Soul

By Alex Boylston In September 2016, months after declaring to run the 2017 Jakarta gubernatorial election, current Jakarta governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama made what he thought was a simple speech about his economic program at a campaign stop in the islands off the coast of Jakarta. Ahok, an ethnic Chinese Christian who assumed the…

Source: PBS

The Desert Divided: Remnants of an Unresolved Conflict

By Samuel Driggers A 1,465 mile sand berm divides the territory of Western Sahara in two. The western side of the berm, approximately 80 percent of the territory and all of its coastal land, is de facto controlled by the Moroccan government. The eastern side of the berm, a sandy wasteland, is occupied by the…


Skinny Budget: Trump’s Proposal Makes the World Sick Again

By Joshua Kalter The oft-repeated “America First” mantra has been a rallying point of the Trump administration, one that includes promises like bringing jobs back from overseas, rebuilding a crumbling infrastructure, and increasing military spending. As the mid-March budget proposal release signifies, a 28 percent slash in the budgets of both the U.S. Agency for…

Source: Eric Risberg/Associated Press

Roger Goodell and the Politicization of Sport

By Seamus Murrock “How has social media reacted since our relocation announcement?” asked the official Oakland Raiders Twitter account, just days after announcing the team would move to Las Vegas, linking the tweet to an article from their website. While many of the replies to the tweet are focused on vitriolic aphorisms concerning the N.F.L.’s…

Source: The Daily Signal

The Debt Ceiling is Back

By Torus Lu In early March, Congress received a letter from Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin regarding the debt ceiling.  Among the details included in the letter was the exact date on which the federal government would hit the debt ceiling – March 15. The debt ceiling is a statutory limit on the amount of debt…


All Eyes on Georgia’s 6th

By Mae Eldahshoury After failing to repeal and replace the Democrats’ Affordable Care Act, what could be worse for former Rep. Tom Price than the possibility of being succeeded by one such Democrat? For almost 40 years, Republicans have cruised through elections in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, but after Price’s confirmation as Secretary of Health…

Source: Robert Neubecker / The New Yorker

Why the Gender Wage Gap Persists

By Rachael Andrews Why does the gender wage gap persist despite numerous different pieces of legislation that sought to close it? The American Association for University Women recently released the Spring 2017 report on the gender pay gap in the United States, and the report doesn’t stop at the simple statistic that women make 80%…

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