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    An Ode to the Filibuster

    By Eli Watkins If the Senate is where bills go to die, then the filibuster has long been the pillow used to smother them. This is not a statement for or against the filibuster. Some ideas–bad ideas–should obviously not make it out of the Senate. But given the filibuster’s increased use by both parties over the past two presidential administrations […]

  • The Rise of Kate Brown: America’s First Bisexual Governor

    The Rise of Kate Brown: America’s First Bisexual Governor

    By Laura Pontari On February 18, 2015 Kate Brown was sworn in as Governor of Oregon, making her the United States’ first openly bisexual governor. Brown has served as Oregon Secretary of State since 2008. She was sworn in after the resignation of four-term Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber, because by Oregon law the Secretary of State is second in line […]

  • Don’t Ask Don’t Tell…About Muslim Deaths

    Don’t Ask Don’t Tell…About Muslim Deaths

      By Faiz Saulat Three young Muslim students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill were shot in the head on February 10, 2015 by Craig Stephen Hicks, a 46-year-old white male. While some claim the dispute was over a parking space, the local Muslim community as well as the Council of American Islamic Relations is pushing investigators […]

  • OPINION: The Problem With Obama’s Strategy – Why good intentions aren’t enough

    OPINION: The Problem With Obama’s Strategy – Why good intentions aren’t enough

    By Bailey Palmer Unveiled in early February, President Barack Obama’s 2015 national defense strategy has garnered more criticisms for the already-criticized president. Advocating for “strategic patience,” the strategy presented a variation on the Obama administration’s theme of restraint and caution in international affairs. “America leads from a position of strength. But, this does not mean we can or should attempt […]

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    Should the United States Arm Ukraine?

    By William Robinson On February 12, Russia and Ukraine agreed to a ceasefire agreement brokered by Germany and France effective February 15.  Three days after the ceasefire took effect, thousands of Ukrainian troops retreated from the town of Debaltseve, having suffered 22 casualties and more than 150 wounded by a Russian-backed assault. Russia, within days of agreeing to a ceasefire, […]

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    Liberal Torture?

    By Bobby Wetherington Ever since the Senate Intelligence Committee released its report on the use of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, many arguments have been put forth supporting torture. One of the most convincing arguments was that citizens of a liberal democracy could make torture legal. The argument goes like this: if the issue of torturing enemy combatants was put to a free […]

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    Obama is Doing Cuba Right

    By James Haverly It’s about time we bring a long-forgotten cousin back into our embrace. From Cuba’s independence to its revolution in 1959, the U.S. enjoyed significant influence over Cuba’s economy, culture, and government. This made sense, as Cuba is only 22 miles from the Floridian coast. Unfortunately, a sense of animosity had replaced feelings of brotherhood between the nations, […]

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    OPINION: “The Theory of Everything” Successfully Applies the Award-Winning Formula

    By Shuchi Goyal Time and time again, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science has demonstrated an affinity for the British biopic genre. In 2011, “The King’s Speech” won in several major categories at the Oscars, including Best Picture, after delighting both critics and audiences with its portrayal of the friendship between King George V and his speech therapist […]

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    OPINION: “Gone Girl”: Not your average misogynistic revenge fantasy

    By Rob Oldham Sexist and  Misogynistic. These are the two words that have incessantly followed director David Fincher’s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s novel “Gone Girl.” A surface-level analysis of the plot supports these claims. The audience is first introduced to the lovable oaf Nick, portrayed by the classic everyman Ben Affleck. Nick owns a bar, plays video games, and drinks […]

  • Reforming Obamacare: You’re Doing it Wrong!

    Reforming Obamacare: You’re Doing it Wrong!

    By Austin McCandlish Newly elected and passionately kicking off the 114th session of Congress, House Republicans immediately got to work this January doing what they have been doing for the past six years: attacking the Affordable Care Act. But instead of starting off the session with a grandiose vote to repeal Obamacare entirely, something that they have since done, Republicans […]